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Smoke 'Em Tactical

A look at our tactical targets!

Smoke 'Em Targets

RangeRat911 reviews Smoke 'Em Targets Complete Starter Kit at the range.

Colorful Smoke: Smoke 'Em Targets at the Range reviews Smoke 'Em Targets

Smoke 'Em Targets Goes TACTICAL!!

Sneak Peak! Smoke 'Em Targets (Patent Pending) Goes Tactical. Check it out a Sig P226 Extreme 9mm blasting our prototype tactical smoking target! Each long lasting foam target comes with 2 replaceable Smoke 'Em Canisters. We blasted it with 9mm (partially shown here) 45 ACP and .22 More details coming soon!!

Hook & Hunt at the Range

Jim Crowley from Hook and Hunt TV & Hook and Hunt Radio takes our complete starter kit out to the range!

Smoke 'Em Targets - Bigshooterist Review Video!

Bigshooterist reviews our new reactive target!
"This is a fun, reactive target that shows impact by emitting colored "smoke" each time you hit your mark. It is not flammable or explosive and makes no noise. This is a cool target kit and contains everything to start shooting as long as you have a gun, ammo and a safe backstop. These should be a big hit with the younger shooters who are learning safe gun handling and want more interaction than a standard paper target."

Smoke 'Em Targets - The NEW Reactive Smoking Target!

Learn all about Smoke 'Em Targets and see what's in store when you take our products to the range!